Underground 23


Thanks to everyone who found the arrows to our new location in Wanchai. Thanks to LES VISAGES for supporting original local music! Thanks to ATV for filming the night!
May we have many more Undergrounds here!
love Chris B xx


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Natural City
It takes a lot to shift my rugby head in 7’s/10’s week, but Underground 23 did just that (not to mention that ATV are filming a special)
The Underground background CD mood-sets the bar with Going Underground by The Jam and Holidays in Cambodia by the Dead Kennedys. Recent Underground’s have begun with an acoustic set (it works for The Grateful Dead, so why not?) Natural City (Jon and Kazuhiro) chill out with some homegrown licks (reminiscent of most of the Sarah label’s back catalogue, Nick Drake, hints of Tir-Na-Nog and alternative Americana folk apocalyptics Lift To Experience. Willem, the photographer extraordinaire, says “John Mayall on valium” so something for everyone to enjoy.
Nick Lovatt


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The Ember
Despite their name, the Ember are all fired up for their Underground debut. Opening song, Supersadist, is a cover – the rest of the set is originals. Chunky, buzzsaw guitar, deep fuzz bass, lots of 70’s Sabbath-style riffage, and even some punk hints of “Money” by The Flying Lizards. Also, lots of rolling around and writhing by the vocalist.
Overall, good energy and enthusiasm.
Nick Lovatt


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Spodac, a late replacement for The Flowers of Babylon who have members in travel limbo, have done Underground before. They play a new set with a new guitarist (some great AC/DC memories, lots of hard driving rock and more than enough cool funk moments. I wrote more good shit, but spilled my drink over the review while over-enjoying the set. Sorry, guys.
Nick Lovatt


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Kick Ball Car
Kick Ball Car share the same initials as the Kantner-Balin-Cassidy band (mid 80’s offshoot from Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna) but sound like they’re channeling Muse, rather than late 60’s Friscodelica. They also sound like a slowed down Spodac jamming on the Velvet’s Sister Ray (in a sonically distorted way) Their fan club was more than happy to stand front and centre on the dance floor, soaking up the vibes. I’m sure they’ll be playing at future Underground events.
Nick Lovatt

A big hands up to the staff of Les Visages and a special thank you to Rommel! You did great guys!

Above photos © Copyright 2006 by Willem Van Der Merwe

Poster by Mike Davis

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