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IMG_9918.JPGLive Review from The Underground Festival @ Fanzone
I’m admittedly a Noughts and Exes fan, having (only) first discovered them last October when they played a show at my university and being hooked on their music since. In fact, I’m so much of a fangirl that I ran backstage to ask them for a picture the minute the performance was over. The band is always a delight to watch live, not only because of the quality of their melodious, floaty folk tunes, but also because of the spirituality that Alix Farquhar channels in her vocal performances. The six-piece band also features a conglomeration of non-traditional instruments (e.g. violin, melodica) that blends together wonderfully and all in all adds to the freshness and variety of the music that evening (which was, for the most part, harder and heavier than this set). Seasons, the first song they played, was off to a slightly rocky start on the vocal part, though the experienced band was unfazed and quickly back on their feet. Collisions brought Alix to the lead rather than backing vocals, which was a nice touch that allowed for audiences to appreciate her voice more fully. Lovely Day was my favourite of the evening, a track that took on a darker tone with the lyrics “It’s a lovely day, it’s a lovely day to die, die to the one I love”, and a beautiful violin solo. Overall, the band seems to lacking a bit of their usual energy – perhaps it was the end of a long week – but it was a good show nonetheless.
– Karen Cheung

u83064.JPGLive Review from Underground 83:

Noughts and Exes first live performance could not have gone any better. With a strong fan base carried forward from lead singers Joshua Wong’s time in Whence He Came, Noughts and Exes only served to cement many more fans after this set. With sweet melodies charmingly framed with beautiful harmonies, their multi layered sound intrigued and maintained the audience’s curiosity. However you would be wrong to think Noughts and Exes only lent themselves to slower paced songs, with confident and vibrant drumming supporting some great up tempo songs in the set as well. It is truly exciting to think that Noughts and Exes can only grow stronger with each live performance that is sure to be on the horizon.
Heather Lowe

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