Underground 83


Wow! I know I say this a lot about the shows at The Underground but it really was probably one of the best nights we’ve ever had, musically speaking!!! We were so lucky to get 22Cats (who are on CD1!) back again for a performance, those cats are amazing! Then of course Reign Lee, whom we’ve spent years not matching dates and finally U83 was the one! Tacit Closet were a great start to the show and InRadio were a great end to the show. Noughts & Exes haven’t played at The Underground before nor for awhile, so we were stoked to have them here. And huge thanks to Forget the G for trekking out from Macau to perform for us their really cool cool set. HUGE thanks to Zane who worked from 6pm to 1:30am on the sound for each band. Thanks to The Melting Pot & Asahi & BC Magazine & re:spect magazine!
love Chris B xx

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Tacit Closet

Tacit Closet the first band in such an excellent line-up, could easily have been overshadowed, but the exact opposite was the case. Their catchy and entertaining original songs (with You Know being a highlight) left me wishing they hadn’t included covers in their six song set. Most striking was Jack’s Brit pop vocals, unique to hear coming from a singer whose first language is Chinese. The lyrics rose above the confident playing of the band, maintaining the audience’s attention with dynamic guitar solos. I can only imagine that their confidence between songs will grow even greater with the great audience reaction they received. I eagerly anticipate their next live show!
Heather Lowe

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Reign Lee

Reign Lee oozes confidence, a reflection of not only her live music experience, but also the clear fact that she belongs on stage. Her set flowed well as a complete whole, creating a laid back but also up tempo atmosphere. Sue Sherman on lead guitar pushes forward the lyrics with intense solos and riffs. Reign’s voice is also a delight switching from powerful overtones, to soft melodic notes, all the way summoning the passion evident within her lyrics. ‘Helena’ was a favourite, evidently enjoyed by the large audience Reign Lee maintained throughout the set. Reign’s string of upcoming live events only serves to prove her consistent popularity and suitability in live music venues.
Heather Lowe

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Noughts and Exes

Noughts and Exes first live performance could not have gone any better. With a strong fan base carried forward from lead singers Joshua Wong’s time in Whence He Came, Noughts and Exes only served to cement many more fans after this set. With sweet melodies charmingly framed with beautiful harmonies, their multi layered sound intrigued and maintained the audience’s curiosity. However you would be wrong to think Noughts and Exes only lent themselves to slower paced songs, with confident and vibrant drumming supporting some great up tempo songs in the set as well. It is truly exciting to think that Noughts and Exes can only grow stronger with each live performance that is sure to be on the horizon.
Heather Lowe

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22 Cats

This was 22 Cats third performance at The Underground and they did not disappoint. Along with their great fan base, their catchy melodies were driven forward by unique instrumental solos. Their confidence in a live performance setting was clear, easily commanding the stage and audience. Their grunge style provided a darker sound than the previous bands, with their vocals giving way to the energy of their performance. Where they are most successful is in keeping the audience on their toes, shifting tempos and sounds effortlessly. Having first played at Underground 8, their success at Underground 83 shows there are no signs of them slowing down anytime in the future.
Heather Lowe


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Forget the G (Macau 澳門)

The audience at Underground 83 was certainly glad that Forget the G made the trip over from Macau after hearing their set. This dynamic band firstly strikes you with the haunting vocals of lead singer Eric. The first halve of the set provided songs perfectly framing the lyrics and unique sound of the band. As intriguing as the first halve was, it was the second halve that truly compelled. Having the confidence to switch to mainly instrumental compositions was a risk but it definitely paid of. The last five minutes was a dramatic conclusion to the set, and truly left the audience wanting more.
Heather Lowe


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In Radio

Although In Radio’s underground debut acted as a farewell gig for their drummer, In Radio’ did not rest on their laurels. They maintained their fast and energetic pace throughout their set, not the easiest feat at the end of a packed and successful line-up of bands. Tim Hisock’s confident vocals and manner only sought to drive forward the music of the band. The rough and ready sound of their songs was certainly appreciated by their fans and friends, with their style unique among Hong Kong bands. Hopefully they can find a way to continue on as a band in the future.
Heather Lowe

photos © Copyright 2009 by ANGUS LEUNG
Poster by Sheli

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