Onstage (Macau)


Live Review from Macau Underground 2:
A 6 piece pop rock band, singing very catchy and melodic rock songs, the lyrics and melody presented a very young and positive style, they were the happiest band of the night.
To my left an audience member comments that it’s great to see a female on stage this time, referring to keyboardist Mei Mei. Certainly tonight proved that Macau’s music scene is not just a boys game. Putting some pop energy into the underground black-clad youth ensemble Onstage played a tight set of alt-pop tunes and brought the audience to its feet. The band were tight and well rehearsed, bringing loud and upbeat pop songs to the audience. Onstage presented a united front, with all six members playing their hearts out.
Jeremy Phillips

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Performances by Onstage (Macau):