Over A Dogma


Live Review from Underground 20:
Good funky world fusion from Over A Dogma. Closer to
Nude in spirit and style of strummage + sort of call and response on vocals. Track 3 sounds like Chris Rea goes on the road to Morocco with fluid guitar work. Track 4 sees them starting off in a slow reggae style then moving into a bassy jazzy funk – cheers of approval from the crowd as the bass player dances on and off stage. Dancing breaks out in the audience and lead vocalist Hamada gets the crowd to sing along in mumbo-jumbo (or was it Moroccan?). Quite clearly this line up with congas and a bouncing bass player works for Over A Dogma. Love world music? You’ll love Over A Dogma.
Nick Lovatt


Live Review from Underground 7:
Noticed a bunch of Lamma folks hanging outside Venue, clearly a Lamma band was about to debut at Underground. It was none other than Over A Dogma smoothly blending Moroccan musical influences with Western grooves. Clearly their demand for Fender amps paid off handsomely, founder/vocalist Hamada had the audience singing away in African, shouting & laughing; certainly a first for Underground. I’d like to see more bands like this in Hong Kong, where you can hang up your troubles allowing the music to take you elsewhere for a little while.
Mark Emerson

“Well first it’s great to have shows organized – twice a month, wow! – for bands doing original music, moreover it’s great to see that it is so successful! Kudos to you. We’ve seen very, very decent bands at The Underground so far, you really unveil the potential of the Hong Kong music scene. Keep it up!” Over A Dogma

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Performances by Over A Dogma: