Peabody (Australia)


Live Review from Peabody At Underground Show:

    1. Oblivion
    2. Synaesthesia
    3. Stupid Boy
    4. Buzzard Vs Ibis
    5. Song For Val
    6. Something To Someone
    7. The Devil For Sympathy
    8. Two Sides
    9. Egon
    10. Accident Will
    11. Big Sur
    12. Only Way I Know

Followed by a resounding guitar feedback, Peabody releases a sequence of raw and brooding post-punk/post-grunge sound interwoven with fast-paced indie rock. Each member possesses a charismatic character and their instruments match perfectly in creating a visceral vibe – Tristan’s crunchy and crispy guitars, Jared’s laid-back drumming, Ben’s solid bassline, and Bruno’s blasé vocal expressions. Song For Val is my personal favorite. The slow ballad is rich and resonant, comprising a variety of musical elements from post-rock, downtempo ambient, noise rock and shoegazing. Imagine the combination of Sigur Ros, Tycho, Sonic Youth and My Vitriol. Buzzard Vs Ibis is another notable track that starts off with a straight punk rock bass riff and a confrontational drum groove, which build up together to await the menacing guitar chords. The instrumentation is highlighted specifically by the cold, flat vocals that serve as the foundation.

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Performances by Peabody (Australia):