The Peabody Show


Our first Underground show on a Wednesday as we wanted to accommodate Peabody on their South Asian tour – thanks to Peabody for an awesome show, thanks to the two support bands, thanks to the Cavern for hosting the shows, thanks to Willem for more great pics and of course thanks to everyone out on a school night 🙂
love Chris B xx


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slash!SAKURA!Slash with motion fades

1. Carquinez B
2. Why Break My Silence
3. Tempting
4. Eleven
5. Cheat
6. Afar

Slash!Sakura!Slash (aka Benson) has once again collaborated with his good partner Motion Fades (aka Mic Makkai) to kick-start Peabody’s night with six sweet and heartfelt tunes. It is always an indulgence to watch them expressing their emotions in a subtle yet captivating way. Amid the guitar swaying and feet tapping, Benson’s shy eye contact and plaintive voice complement his soft indie rock rhythm with immense passion and intimacy; while Mic stands next to him quietly, plucking and strumming a series of melodic harmonies that make the songs richer and fuller. If there ever be any labeling, I would say they resemble the sound of Secondhand Serenade and Dashboard Confessional, but slightly more buoyant and graceful.
This duo is indeed one of the most promising acoustic acts ever; and I am sure that their performance with a full band will be more eagerly anticipated.


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The David Bowie Knives

1. Foreplay
2. Gastropod
3. She’s The One
4. Evening Time
5. Nice Problem
6. You Want Me Don’t You

Blasting a sensual intercourse of swaggering Brit-rock noise, no one but Hong Kong’s one and only sex rock threesome can bang the audience with such intensity. The departure of Brendan has undeniably taken away a certain amount of masculinity, but new bassist Claire’s hotness makes up for it. It would be even more arousing to see her sing or yell a bit though. Without a doubt, Shaun’s curly, floppy hair and Gabe’s powerful, detailed drumming are both sexy and gorgeous as usual.
You Want Me, Don’t You is certainly the orgasm of their set, especially the interlude, in which Shaun moans along with the funky progression in a yearning and rowdy tone, as if he is ready to take off. As soon as the last note is stricken, their cum squirts all over my face. Oh yeah, they sure do.


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Peabody (Australia 澳洲)


1. Oblivion
2. Synaesthesia
3. Stupid Boy
4. Buzzard Vs Ibis
5. Song For Val
6. Something To Someone
7. The Devil For Sympathy
8. Two Sides
9. Egon
10. Accident Will
11. Big Sur
12. Only Way I Know

Followed by a resounding guitar feedback, Peabody releases a sequence of raw and brooding post-punk/post-grunge sound interwoven with fast-paced indie rock. Each member possesses a charismatic character and their instruments match perfectly in creating a visceral vibe – Tristan’s crunchy and crispy guitars, Jared’s laid-back drumming, Ben’s solid bassline, and Bruno’s blasé vocal expressions. Song For Val is my personal favorite. The slow ballad is rich and resonant, comprising a variety of musical elements from post-rock, downtempo ambient, noise rock and shoegazing. Imagine the combination of Sigur Ros, Tycho, Sonic Youth and My Vitriol. Buzzard Vs Ibis is another notable track that starts off with a straight punk rock bass riff and a confrontational drum groove, which build up together to await the menacing guitar chords. The instrumentation is highlighted specifically by the cold, flat vocals that serve as the foundation.

Above photos © Copyright 2008 by Willem
Poster by Sheli

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