Live Review from Underground 36:
Polymer were a tough act for me to put a finger on. I am not familiar with Mansun, but everyone I talked to seemed convinced that at one point this band was a Mansun tribute band. Mostly sung in English, this local band showed lots of energy on stage. There were some great guitar effects and solos, but the songs themselves still need a little work. They need to put a little more emotion in their EMO sound.


Live Review from Underground 16:
Good range of musical styles, excellent technical guitar work. Definitely inexperienced on the vocals – off key. The drummer was very adequate, lead guitar wasjust short of totally wonderful, with a wide assortment of sounds. Unfortunately mostly mediocre songwriting, the tunes often left and returned to a “main” or “home” key, giving a feeling of complaining or trying to convince you of something, hinting at insecurities or lack of confidence (or just not knowing what to do next). They would really kick ass with some musically skilled songwriting and strong vocals.
Wally Amos
A lot of inexperienced bands tonight, and Polymer is a young band with potential. They played Underground 16 with a bit of an Oasis vibe. A confused Oasis that thought it was Blur. The band has sound song ideas, and competent grooves. What they lack is experience and confidence, as most of tonight’s bands did. However, they put what they had into it and deserve praise. But I feel that to start people talking they are going to have to supercharge their sound and vibe.
Brendan Delfino

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Performances by Polymer: