Prins Nitram (Denmark)

U_Prins_086.jpgLive Review from Prins Nitram in Hong Kong:
Here comes The Prins! But where is his golden suit? He puts on a vest, orders his “pianist” to play the intro, and lets the “bassist” join in when the “pianist” goes to the drums. All the characters in the screen are the Prins, including the one strumming his guitar frantically on the stage. Who is the real Prins, Chris B? All of them come to ONE big genius, who can play so many instruments: piano, guitar, bass, drums, sax and even blues harp! One cannot forget to mention his singing – I am wondering why his vocal can be so in sync with the backing track. “I can’t hear my band; please put my back track on!”. At the end of his band set, he “kills” his bandmates! Why? Why? Because he wants a more interesting set! Finally he puts his golden suit and a cap on (My friend now will not ask for a refund) and sings a couple more songs, including the encore song “Bomty Bomty Happy”. It definitely makes everybody happy, and if I let loose myself and have a few more drinks because of the song, I may not even be able to go home. Incredible Prins! Good night!
Erik Piece

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Performances by Prins Nitram (Denmark):