U_heavy_1_052.jpgLive Review from Underground Heavy #1:

The next beast to take to the Rock School stage was the 5 piece Metal crew known as Protoss. Which of course is a race in the popular video game: “Starcraft”. Not the broom broom kind, but the people-identefier-er-thingy. You know what I’m talking about. The Protoss, are known for their advanced technology and their strict religious code of conduct. I’m guessing what the band took from the name, was the ‘take no prisoners’ in war time policy. And thus play some pretty brutal music. Good ‘fuck you’ screams were bellowed by their front man. They work best during their real sludgy cut tempo breakdowns. Recommended for those who are after an ideal head banging opportunity and those with an interest in badass riffing. The guys are very tight and also started the evenings first Circle Pit, which means they do their job in getting the crowd going. Kudos! The Protoss legion (referring to the band here) have interesting song structures and go places sometimes one would not expect. Dare I say , advanced, Protoss? See what I did there?
Tim – Hong Kong Independent Music Blog


Live Review from Underground 42:
jumping instantly into meaty metal, my first impression is metallica without the orchestral element. a little unrefined and raw, but the attitude and noise level won’t leave metalheads wanting. listening to them is like walking on your tiptoes across a bed of blunted nails. not incisively sharp, but you can definitely feel every step. very full, rich sound without a strongly distinctive character, just all around dark chocolatey goodness (or badness, as the attitude may dictate).


Live Review from Underground 21:
More hardrock than Orthon. Dead Kennedys with Linkin Park/Rage Against the Machine rock rap. At times Beastie Boys twin vox – works really well. Like track 3 – Crystal Night – a ballad spacey guitars song. Protoss rock out. Protoss are indeed the heaviest band of the night. I lose my pen as I move to get a better spot to watch this band – sorry Protoss – didn’t catch the song titles. This band are a fitting end to Underground 21. Come back to Underground soon!
Nick Lovatt

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