Qiu Hong 秋紅


Live review from Underground 100:

1. Let’s Go 出發

2. Look For Treasures 尋寶

3. 7.1

4. Get Back 尋找回來

5. Boom Theory 爆炸論

6. We’re 我們

7. Night 內入夜

8. Can’t Leave 離不開


It’s quite late in the night when Qiu Hong take to the stage, but there are still a very good number of people in the room. That’s Qiu Hong for you though, a band that has continued to deliver great sets and write great songs over the years that their fans will stick with them anywhere they go.

There’s this air of excitement that has given everyone in the room that second wind when Qiu Hong step up on stage. I for one haven’t seen them in a while and judging by just how good all the bands had been so far, surely Qiu Hong were to be the cherry on what has been a FANTASTIC cake. Yum cake. ANYWAY. Qiu Hong explodes into the start of the set and there are instantly devil horns, rock fists and much cheering going up into the air.

Qiu Hong take great care with their sound, and this was evident as they sounded incredibly powerful. Their balance was just right. My favourite thing about QH, is how charismatic Jan is as a front man. He’s this tiny dude who is very well mannered and quiet when you chat with him, but when he performs, he owns that stage, and you are privileged to be their watching him lead the beast that is Qiu Hong.

I’m not sure if Qiu Hong is a professional band, but they certainly seem like it. They look at the set in terms of the bigger picture, it is paced very well, slowing down at the right moment and transitioning in and out of their heavier songs with great ease. They are another band on the bill that has shown brilliant song writing. Their melodies all work together at the right times. Every note sounds like it has been deliberated over carefully before making it into the song.

Then of course, there is the megaphone. Screaming into a megaphone is badass. The End.

— Timmy Gunn (Shotgun Politics)


Live review from Underground Heavy #2:


1. Xiong Nu
2. 7.1
3. Falling Leaves
4. Treasure Hunt
5. Get Back
6. Break the Wall
7. Serving People

In many ways, Qiu Hong was the perfect band to follow StW; the variety of their influences and diversity of their songs was comparable with the latter, along with an equal following in the crowd. So many of the lyrics were known by the crowd, that it was almost staggering to watch, as people added singing along to their various body-movements (whatever they were). Singer Jan had possibly the most unconventional voice of the night, significantly more melodic than the vocalists so far, which he used to good effect in the sizeable sung portions of their songs. There was further crowd-surfing, along with further damage to the equipment on the ceiling, along with the tired-but-exhilarated crowd’s headbanging. Xiong Nu was a complete novelty in terms of style – I can’t remember ever hearing jungle-beats and a megaphone in one song (especially not a hardcore song). The set got more metal-core (read: deeper and heavier) as it progressed, but that was nicely balanced with the variations on the alternative and classic-rock genres that were made. This was especially effective in conveying some genuine musical rage, giving the songs a range in terms of feel, too. The night was ended in a vortex of activity and anthemic shouts of “We want to rock and roll!” ; a fitting conclusion to a, awesome, lead-weight night.


u34-126.jpgLive Review from Underground 34:

This is intensely dramatic ambient ethnic headbanging mosh metal, if such a thing is even possible. The atmosphere is so electric you can’t help but feel that you’re a part of something big that’s going on. Everything is incredibly alive and energetic. Qiu Hong fill the air with a magic you can almost taste. After experiencing their performance, i think i understand the attitudes and feelings behind passive resistance and civil disobedience a bit better. If they make a music video, my bet is that it will contain plenty of scenes of Gandhi and the Article 23 protests on July 1st. The deep resentment, anger, and power of the people. By the end of their set, I was simply stunned and in awe of the magnitude of their energy and sincerity.

Wally Amos

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