halloween129.JPG Live review from Halloween Underground:

Yes, there’s more to life than jangly indie bands and songs about love and alienation, there’s also headbanging and no Halloween show would be complete without some metal.
First of the young pretenders into the metal arena were Reverie, not a misty-eyed, ambient postrock outfit as their name suggests but a full blooded, hardcore metal band . Virtuoso fuzzy, distorted guitar riffs, frenzied ,larynx-shredding vocals, pounding basslines, crashing drums and 100% energy made this band one of the best on the night. The band is Toki (vocals), Kizui and Hebi (guitars), Kira (bass) and Gaede(drums). Adrenaline levels soared as they blasted through their set, powered by vocalist Toki’s primal yell, metal-flag waving guitar and a kick- the- shit- out- of- everything rhythm section. Riotous ecstasy for metal fans.
Raymond K

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Performances by Reverie: