Sidick Lam 史迪林

IMG_4631.jpg Live Review from Girls with Guitars #8
1. 我爸的筆 (cover)
2. 充電寶被拐走了
3. 關於生活
4. 人們都是迷迷茫茫的走到這裡
5. 我家不是停機坪

Cutting a small, unassuming figure in her long plaid shorts and white sneakers, Sidick Lam and her rhythm sidekick sitting on one of those box/seat/drum things might just have just walked up the road from busking outside Star Ferry. Not that that’s a bad thing, lots of people were discovered busking, like Axl Rose. Or did I make that up? But I digress.

Clutching a tiny guitar that she could have just purchased from Toys ‘R’ Us, Sidick launched into a song that (I think) she said was a Taiwanese cover called ‘My Father’s Pen’. But (incest alert) I don’t think I was the only one who misheard the title.

Petite as it was, however, her guitar produced a beautiful, rich sound which Sidick really made the most of, playing with fluency and panache. And unassuming as she was, she sang beautifully, with a sweet, clear voice.

“The next song is called ‘About Life’,” she announced at one stage. “It’s err, about life.” Thanks for the heads up, Sidick.

And while she’s probably not in line for a Grammy any time soon, her songs were cheerful, upbeat, and totally charming. There were one or two more melancholy moments but cartoony joy was the order of the day. I can imagine the video, with birds and butterflies alighting on her hand Disney style.

One track was called ‘Fong Fei Gei’, which literally means leaving on an airplane, but in local slang means being stood up. Cantonese – go figure.

It wasn’t all strummy chords either, she worked well rhythmically with box boy, adding some pleasing syncopation. So far, so Hello Kitty meets indie princess. But in a good way. Especially for the last track, where she used a kazoo, to buzzy, slightly alarming effect. Overall an accomplished performer with a bit of x-factor about her.
– Dan Creffield


當晚樂隊有五首歌曲表演,當中有一首cover song 和其餘的自創曲, 語言 以廣東話和普通話為主,廣東話歌詞都是十分地道的口語,相信令香港聽眾十分有共鳴;普通話方面,口音和曲風都是感覺偏向台灣式的。而歌詞用語方面,其中的自創曲中用主唱自身故事作背景而引發創作靈感,因為故事是講作到大陸旅遊,所以歌詞則用了普通話用詞,如「充電寶」,另外的創作主題亦是環繞著生活的,如生活壓力,有時還配上「盞鬼」歌詞,可見樂隊自身的創作風格。而主唱本身也有一把較甜美的聲音,令人較易聯想到台灣創作歌手魏如萱 呢~
– Phyllis Lau

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