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Live Review from Underground 60:

They’ve got a very nice guitarist and pianist supporting them tonight and it’s also the singing debut of their bassist Shirley. The guitarist Chris was so amazing, the sound he made matched other sounds in the band beautifully; you can feel the emotions vibrating from the strings and also the confidence. The drummer (Rani aka Rachel) is a very competent at her job but seems a bit nervous, or uncomfortable with playing with the band despite all her best efforts. It was only by their last song that they really seemed to be enjoying themselves. The outcome of the whole band is nice and they can improve by getting more experience on stage.
Kennie Triad


Live Review from Underground 36:

I was told that So What have a message in their music, but since I don’t understand Mandarin (yet), I really missed out on that part. What I can tell you is that this all female unit is very tight and very talented. Basically, a rock band with “shanghai style” Mandarin Chinese vocals; think B52’s fronted by one of the Shanghai Divas. On another note, Rachel the drummer, is really one of the best female drummers in Hong Kong (that I know of).
Tony Reno

First time to watch this band, I thought So What is a three piece all girl band, why are the cute guys not mentioned? Singing Mando-pop, the best part was the saxophone solo and the very last song which is a rocker. The music is good although the band members dont look like they belong together, it would have been so great to see them all in a dress not just the bass player, maybe not the guitarist hehe.


Live Review from Underground 22:
For a debut band, So What seem to have an extraordinarily large and hormonally enhanced fanclub! Cleverly using the girls as marketing and labelling the men as ‘guest’ performers, they certainly are the reason why I promised Chris B I would be here tonight. I think it’s somewhat of a first for Underground to have a Mandarin pop band play, singer Jan seems to be channelling Christine Samson (famous for singing in HK in the 60s) and does a great job on the ballady numbers. Shirley (same bass player in
Guitars & Panties) plays up to the audience and is the most fun member to watch. Jan could do with dressing up more for the stage as I couldn’t find her once the gig finished (heaps of girls wearing jeans in Edge!). Technically speaking, this band gets no complaints from me. Not really my kind of music however it’s performed extremely well. Vince (guitarist) plays some ripping leads and reminds me of my college days when I wanted to be a guitar hero….
Mark Emerson

“It was really awesome – Jan (singer of So What)”
“Thanks Underground for giving us this GREAT opportunity to play at THE EDGE. We look forward to playing in the next Underground event. – (Shirley – bass player of So What)

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