Underground 22


THANK YOU to all our Underground friends!
Thanks to EDGE and ASAHI for supporting original local music!
We promise to keep bringing you the best bands in Hong Kong!
love Chris B xx


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Very Ape
This band’s second appearance at Underground is even better than the previous one (if possible!). One of the tightest bands in town, their style combines 60s influences with blues roots with hints of electronica mixed with wild rock passion. The singer seems unassuming yet grabs your attention as his vocals hit the crowd. Sound samples are mixed into the songs and the energy is highly infectious. As people pile into the Edge, all are amazed to see that the first band for U22 are so outstanding, how can the other 3 bands possibly do better? I secretly have a crush on the singer (well not so secret now) and attend every show that they play in HK. Sadly I cant afford to pay for tickets when they play overseas. My advice – watch Very Ape but don’t bother chatting up the singer as I’ll hit you.
Rosie Chan

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Luke Chow
Where did all these ladies come from? As Luke takes to the stage, it seems as if every young woman in the Edge is now standing in front of the stage, armed with their cameras and gazing adoringly at Luke. (I didn’t bring my girlfriend tonight, just in case) Starting off with a few duo numbers with Luke on acoustic guitar and Mike on drums, Luke sings vey pleasantly with songs that could have easily been written by Crowded House. At moments, he reminds me of Joaquin Phoenix playing a young Johnny Cash (“Walk the Line”). For the last two songs, Luke brings up Alex (also bass player for Hard Candy) and the sound is complete with the songs sounding almost Tom Petty, plus Alex is indeed a welcome distraction for this red-blooded male. Luke announced a semi-retirement and the resounding female sighs almost drowned out the applause. Luke – your fans clearly love you.
Mark Emerson

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So What
For a debut band, So What seem to have an extraordinarily large and hormonally enhanced fanclub! Cleverly using the girls as marketing and labelling the men as ‘guest’ performers, they certainly are the reason why I promised Chris B I would be here tonight. I think it’s somewhat of a first for Underground to have a Mandarin pop band play, singer Jan seems to be channelling Christine Samson (famous for singing in HK in the 60s) and does a great job on the ballady numbers. Shirley (same bass player in Guitars & Panties) plays up to the audience and is the most fun member to watch. Jan could do with dressing up more for the stage as I couldn’t find her once the gig finished (heaps of girls wearing jeans in Edge!). Technically speaking, this band gets no complaints from me. Not really my kind of music however it’s performed extremely well. Vince (guitarist) plays some ripping leads and reminds me of my college days when I wanted to be a guitar hero….
Mark Emerson


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This is a hardhitting stoner-droner rocking band. Part Dr. Phubes (late 80s UK) with some early Spaceman 3 and some Quicksilver messenger service (60s US freakbeat) plus bits of Wishbone Ash in the progressive style. They build up their songs from simple progressions and the notes all goes round and round. At moments the surrealness of the band and the swaying audience makes for a wonderful Underground memory. The last track somehow makes me think of a slowed-down Chili Peppers funk sound – sort of at 16rpm! UNiXX are definitely original not just by HK standards but on a worldwide level. I would recommend you look for their CD which they released last year. Overall, this is the best Underground I’ve been to yet…
Nick Lovatt

A big hands up to the sound & lighting crew of Alexis & Steph! You did another great job, guys!

Above photos © Copyright 2006 by Willem Van Der Merwe

Poster by Mike Davis

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