System Kick (Macau)


Live Review from Macau Underground Zero:
For the fourth band of the night, System Kick played the show with an absence of their regular guitarist; Geoff, the singer/guitarist, worked through the whole show of the underground that night, tiredness could be seen from his face during the show, and along with some technical problems plus the absence of the lead guitarist, the band struggled hard to finish the show with the best they could offer.


Live Review from Underground 29:
A hearty “Hey, how’s everyone doing?” from System Kick frontman Geoff set the tone for a vibrant night at Underground 29, which was threatened by the prospect of the World Cup keeping live music fans glued to television screens instead of being stageside. Thankfully, that didn’t happen and the bar started to fill as the Macau band offered a fun collection of rock riffs as hearty as the frontman’s hello. Their songs were at first affected by a highly uneven stage sound, but kudos to the soundman who managed to balance everything out through the PA speakers within a few songs. Spacey, long guitar intros to some songs gave the band a certain Dire Straits or Pink Floyd vibe at times, at least until the rock grooves kicked in. Third song Who Am I started with a great crowd-participation intro (that can be heard on the live recording on their MySpace site), but for some reason the chant didn’t quite carry into the song. Anyway, rocking riffs, nice grooves, drummer Fabbio was particularly good. With some more experience System Kick will gel better as a band and solidify their sound.
Brendan Delfino

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Performances by System Kick (Macau):