Macau Underground Zero


We did it. One down, many to come. Thanks to all the bands, the crowd and the staff who turned up, and thanks to Legend Sound with their help with the equipment. It only gets better from here. ~ GeoffThe Underground landed in Macau on the 28th Jan and like the one in Hong Kong, it’s dedicated to promoting and expanding original music in Macau. The Underground Macau took place in a community hall and the 5 bands featured that night can be seen as the best line-up for Macau original music. First band, Scamper, a band formed by 5 young teenages, presented a set of screamo and metal songs, their drummer Joel provided a very solid beat as to rock the crowd and get them well prepared for the rest of the show. Second band, Why Oceans?, was the only soft rock band for that night, their music is mostly influenced by 90’s britpop and with a very skillful keyboardist and guitarist, the band managed to get some attention from the audience and survived in such a metal night. Third band, Blade Mark, is my favorite band for that night, their music is mainly metal with some funk and rap element, their singer is very dramatic and dynamic in the way he sings with such angry facial expressions, he rocks the whole show with his own real rock star charisma. For the fourth band of the night, System Kick played the show with an absence of their regular guitarist; Geoff, the singer/guitarist, worked through the whole show of the underground that night, tiredness could be seen from his face during the show, and along with some technical problems plus the absence of the lead guitarist, the band struggled hard to finish the show with the best they could offer. And at last, the last band Uni-K brought to the underground the heavy hardcore music, they had a very good stage act, all members got sweaty and moved a lot on the stage, audience kept on stage-diving and doing circle pit, and they pleased the crowd so much AND the singer kept on mentioning the importance of supporting macau band scene. When is the next show in Macau?YanYan Pang

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Above photos © Copyright 2007 by YanYan Pang

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