Tacit Closet

DSC04857.JPGLive Review from
Dada Ante Portas China Tour Last stop:
Having never seen this band before, I was curious to the fans of them who claimed they are ‘better than Placebo’. Hmm starting off with a Blur cover was not something Placebo would do but they did it well although the messy tuning up and down of the guitarist’s guitar, was that necessary? Perhaps the cool looking girl bassist could have said something? Then after that cover, the rest of the songs were their own and they were pretty good! The vocalist has a nasal quality to his voice that I found pleasing and I liked the arrangement of their songs. Yes Placebo and Blur are quite obviously big influences with this band but they add some of their own interesting hooks. As a three piece they had a full sound and although a new band in Hong Kong, lots of potential, so my recommendation is check them out live.
Ollday Jess
u83002.JPGLive Review from Underground 83:
Tacit Closet the first band in such an excellent line-up, could easily have been overshadowed, but the exact opposite was the case. Their catchy and entertaining original songs (with You Know being a highlight) left me wishing they hadn’t included covers in their six song set. Most striking was Jack’s Brit pop vocals, unique to hear coming from a singer whose first language is Chinese. The lyrics rose above the confident playing of the band, maintaining the audience’s attention with dynamic guitar solos. I can only imagine that their confidence between songs will grow even greater with the great audience reaction they received. I eagerly anticipate their next live show!
Heather Lowe

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