Tales of Grim

Live Review from Hard & Heavy Unleashed 2024:
1: The Omniscient
2: The Witch pt.2
3: Scenes from a glorious past
4: The Twelfth Temple
5: Blind and Frozen (cover)

Tales of Grim is a 6 piece outfit with the sacred mission to spread the gospel of power metal to the people of Hong Kong.

Playing a set of 5 songs, 4 of which were their own works, the band left the audience in absolutely no doubt what their message was: power metal: the song titles, composition/arrangement, delivery, down to the vocal, everything was typical power metal – and they had the technical ability to pull it off very convincingly, with solid and consistent drumming, technically accomplished playing from the guitars, bass, keyboard and rich vocal all coming together in what was a tight set. What could perhaps require a bit of attention, was that they were mostly stationary on the stage… yes, we all have to fiddle with our effects, but a little more animation on stage for this genre is essential to bring the whole experience to the audience. The vocal, which sang mostly in a very well supported voice, was a little uncertain in places, especially in the head register and when the musical phrase involves a diatonic run, probably where it involves switching from her chest to head voice (I couldn’t quite spot a pattern).

All in all I had really enjoyed the set, it was, on the whole, musically, technically and vocally very pleasing.
– Hazel-Rah

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Performances by Tales of Grim: