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1.Kolor – 蛇吞象
2.Pandora – 找出秒針的缺口
3.Pandora – 非理想愛人
4.Gareth.T – 緊急聯絡人
5.TalkAgain – 換日線

TalkAgain is a band which got together in January of 2022 as a busking band and making its debut on an Underground stage on this occasion. A departure from the Underground’s usual practice, the set consisted of covers except for one original.

Watching them for the first time, I couldn’t help but think that the band lacked stage performance experience – right after they were announced, there was a not inconsiderable awkward silence. When it eventually started to play, what greeted the audience was a full, tight sound, befitting a band which has played together for 2 years. As far as the stage presence goes, they could have made better use of the big stage on which they were playing, but instead spent much of the set playing in line. However, they were quite passionate in engaging the audience, which impressed me.

On the playing and singing, a couple of things: although overall I was impressed by the vocal, there were certain misses, particularly in the higher register and falsetto (which was used quite liberally in their one original song). This was barely noticeable and a fate that befell several of the bands that night – it was a cold night and I daresay none of the singers did much warm up before getting on stage, so I shan’t be too harsh on them on this occasion. Lastly I wish to say something about the violin playing – as the only non-fretted instrument on stage, the violinist must take extra care in hitting the right note, as even slight misses could be very noticeable through the PA.

Overall a tight performance, much of my “criticisms” can probably be put down to TalkAgain’s lack of stage performance experience. Given more stage performing opportunities and hopefully more original compositions, I have no doubt I will get to see more of their sets at future Underground shows.
– Hazel-Rah

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Performances by TalkAgain: