The Academy


Live Review from Underground 24:
“Are you ready to testify?” Singer Tom roars out the abridged manifesto of the MC5 anthem as The Academy show that school’s out for Easter. The band crush all memories of their sonically sabotaged(?) set at Rock It 2005 with a powerhouse performance that draws gasps of admiration. The mostly new set is delivered with fierce concentration. Dave on bass, trading vocal licks with Tom. The 2 Justins are headbanging their way through the Guinness Book of Air Guitar licks while Paul shows no sign of his recent leg injury as he whacks lustily at his four skins. Tom’s voice goes after the 5th song (too much jamming the night before?) and about 200 happy people file out from another great Underground night. Considering Sigur Ros were making their debut at HITEC the same night, Underground 24 was a good advertisement for the local scene.
Nick Lovatt

I’m only here as this is my girlfriends favourite band, but I have to grudgingly admit The Academy put on a good live performance, the music hints of the greats from the Sixties and the double vocals from Tom & Dave are a great combination and should be used even more.
Mark Emerson

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