Underground 24


THANK YOU to all our Underground supporters!
These shows are for YOU!
And thanks to EDGE and ASAHI for supporting original local music!
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Nothing None
It’s a new look Edge for Underground 24 (re-modeled for the Tiesto gig perhaps?) The black and white decor is mono-cool, but the dry-cleaning bills…Nothing None, a hardcore quintet, mash up the best bits of Blue Cheer, Anglo-German prog-rockers, Nektar, and Hong Kong’s own noiseniks, Heresy, from 1993. A rabid version of Paradise City (Guns and fucking Roses) mellowmelts into the next tune and another cover which is Enjoy the Silence (Depeche Mode). Funny to think, I was listening to the Timo Maas remix that morning as well.
Nick Lovatt


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Bahouki, aka Squinty Backbone and the Yung Shue Wankers over the past decade, are making their long anticipated Underground debut. Davy (fiddle), John (guitar) and Ollie (flute and bouzouki) open with “Fairy Tales” and give it the old psychedelic Pogues swirl of drunken melodynoise. The chorus still gives me goosebumps. A few jigs and reels show off the stunning (for that time of night) interplay twixt the trio along with their slightly barbed badinage.
Nick Lovatt




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Superday, look like the local version of Gorillaz on the flyer. They are a Chinese quartet with tunes that mix breathy helium vox with bubblegum punk like Shonen Knife, Altered Images, the Lurkers and bits of the Vapours. While one of the most recently formed bands on the bill, they were not punching out of their class and further live performances will hone their quirky style. I am looking forward to seeing them play again.
Nick Lovatt

Not sure I’m glad to have got here in time to watch Superday, the band is superb, tight and crisp pop punk, my major disappointment was with the lead singer, despite being very cute, she sung off-key through the entire set. My girlfriend seemed pleased with my disappointment.
Mark Emerson


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The Academy
“Are you ready to testify?” Singer Tom roars out the abridged manifesto of the MC5 anthem as The Academy show that school’s out for Easter. The band crush all memories of their sonically sabotaged(?) set at Rock It 2005 with a powerhouse performance that draws gasps of admiration. The mostly new set is delivered with fierce concentration. Dave on bass, trading vocal licks with Tom. The 2 Justins are headbanging their way through the Guinness Book of Air Guitar licks while Paul shows no sign of his recent leg injury as he whacks lustily at his four skins. Tom’s voice goes after the 5th song (too much jamming the night before?) and about 200 happy people file out from another great Underground night. Considering Sigur Ros were making their debut at HITEC the same night, Underground 24 was a good advertisement for the local scene.
Nick Lovatt

I’m only here as this is my girlfriends favourite band, but I have to grudgingly admit The Academy put on a good live performance, the music hints of the greats from the Sixties and the double vocals from Tom & Dave are a great combination and should be used even more.
Mark Emerson

A big hands up to the sound & lighting crew of Alexis & Steph! The light show was superb!
You guys did another great job, THANK YOU!

Above photos © Copyright 2006 by Willem Van Der Merwe

Poster by Chris B

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