The Dummy


Live Review from Underground 64:

  • 1. 3WEM
  • 2. Around
  • 3. Eclipse
  • 4. Garret
  • 5. Sidelap

Darkness and elegance. These two words are probably the best to describe The Dummy’s sound – indie pop rock stylishly laid out with Chinese lyrics. In this new era of Canto-pop, there is no surprise that this kind of repetitive music is most of the time associated with negative connotations. Yet, The Dummy bypasses the cheesiness and the mundanity, takes us back to the early 90’s (aka the golden age of Canto-pop), and glamorizes it.

This time at Underground 64, the foursome shows up with three supporting members – a violinist, a cellist and a pianist. It is indeed a big surprise, since it is hard to imagine how these three instruments could collaborate in escalating the aesthetic qualities of the band even further. And yes, with the help of string instruments, the darkness gets darker, the elegance more elegant, the coldness colder. The Dummy is one promising indie band that shows how Cantonese music should be like.


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Performances by The Dummy: