The Yours


Live Review from Underground 55:
At first glance you might think this band looks a bit strange. There’s Jack on vocals and guitar in his Robert Smith, lead singer of The Cure, inspired hair and jacket and tie outfit, though not as black. He even uses Robert Smith type singing vocals. Then there’s Nic, guitar and vocals, floppy hair, t-shirt and jeans. He’s tall and thin this guy. And then there are their two identikit girls in identical black outfits, hair, make up, all red-lipsticked looking and sullen, on occasional guitar and tambourine. As with The Cure, they don’t look like a particularly happy lot, with members sometimes turning away from the crowd to sing and play guitar.
While you can see and hear The Cure inspired look, vocal mannerisms and lyrics, their music is quite different. Strong rhythms pervade their songs and there’s good use of wall of sound with their guitar riffs. I was a bit taken back when they just stopped playing at the end of the gig not saying anything. With music this good I think they can perhaps tilt the edge of their mouths up just a little, in private.
Chris in Hong Kong at Underground 55


Live Review from Underground 46:
The Yours turned up dressed to impress. Crazy oversized sunglasses, an amazing technicolour dreamcoat and fresh coiffures: the hair salons in Central must have been busy that afternoon. They launched into the set with two numbers based around keyboards, guitar, bass and drums, fast and bouncy. The first was something about mobile phones as far as I could tell, the second was like the B52s on crack. Really.
Time for the secret weapon. The singer and keyboard player switched to guitar, and the guitar player wearing the dreamcoat picked up the microphone and did a very plausible imitation of Robert Smith (The Cure).
The set continued in this vein, switching between the two styles of song, some crazy dancing, all of it on stage, despite the exhortations of the band to the crowd “please dance, please dance, please dance”. The sunglasses got sweaty and slipped off on the floor. Some members of the public were abused. Pure rock and roll, I thought, although in the exciting smashing up hotel rooms sense, rather than in the overweight Elvis eating hamburgers on the toilet sense. A thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining set, and one I’ll go to see again. Catch some of their music, minus the performance antics


Live Review from Underground 32:
I know I was drunk but I could have sworn that The Cure was channelling themselves through The Yours, love the arrangements of the songs and you guys certainly had the best image at the Underground tonight – if you like your bands loud when you’re drunk, The Yours are YOURS.
David Smith
The vocals were distracting and average at very best, but the music will speak to a deeper part of you if you let it. It’s a worrying message, uncertain what you’re supposed to fear, but it’s very palpable. Slightly spacey, dark, and at times chilling. Rich and full like chocolate fudge. It’s tempting to lose yourself in a sea of imagination during their songs.
Wally Amos

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