Underground 32


Thanks to all the great bands that played tonight – lots of original music and such a supportive audience! Thank you to all those who love live music as much as me!
love Chris B xx


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The presentation could use a little polishing, but the core is solid. Vocals are unskilled but otherwise good. It’s almost a relaxed type of rock. You get the feeling they’re not really trying all that hard, and the result is already great. These are a bunch of guys doing what they enjoy and having fun doing it. I think they’re playing more for themselves than the audience. The music itself is fairly standard, but sprinkled with pixie dust. Their final song, a cover of “leaving on a jet plane” almost in ska-style, was a wonderful parting gift.
Wally Amos

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The Sinister Left
Their music is of quite a different sort, you’re either on their train or you’re not. It needs some attention to really get into their groove of guided noise, but you will be rewarded with a rich, enveloping trance-like experience if you really step into the sound. Even the drums will capture your awe with their complexity and depth, continuously leading you around and surprising you, all the while deeply hypnotizing you. Their unusual musical style may not have mass appeal, but they are extremely skilled at what they do – a sinister form of hard rock.
Wally Amos

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The first thing that struck me about Sanskrit was their tightness and unity. Each member is like an arm or leg of a bigger organism working in perfect symmetry. The music is quick and peppy with a touch of hip-hop. If they were a food, it would be an exotic salad with mystic croutons. I don’t think i have ever heard an ambient heavy-metal hip hop piece before theirs.
Wally Amos

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It is indeed an exceedingly difficult task to accurately convey this musical style in mere words, but I will attempt it here and subsequently fail. Imagine a reggae-ska foundation with a touch of waltz, an operatic theme, and Jamaican attitude, mixed with the good aspects of 70s music, sometimes borrowing from 80s disco or stepping into Mexican salsa. Maybe even some Trinidad/Tobago style too. I don’t know how the hell they came up with all this, but it’s solid gold. Some of it is a bit like a mellowed out “System of a Down”. These guys would totally be the life of any Caribbean party, and it’s truly an honor to see performers of such a caliber live.
Wally Amos


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The Yours
I know I was drunk but I could have sworn that The Cure was channelling themselves through The Yours, love the arrangements of the songs and you guys certainly had the best image at the Underground tonight – if you like your bands loud when you’re drunk, The Yours are YOURS.
David Smith
The vocals were distracting and average at very best, but the music will speak to a deeper part of you if you let it. It’s a worrying message, uncertain what you’re supposed to fear, but it’s very palpable. Slightly spacey, dark, and at times chilling. Rich and full like chocolate fudge. It’s tempting to lose yourself in a sea of imagination during their songs.
Wally Amos

A big hands up to the staff of Les Visages and especially to Rommel! You did great guys!

Above photos © Copyright 2006 by Willem Van Der Merwe

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