Thomas Baz (Denmark)

U_Prins_064.jpgLive Review from Prins Nitram in Hong Kong:
Thomas is helping Prins with the stage setup, and also contributes his precious voice with an acoustic guitar. If I have to compare – I really must – Thomas is more organic and earthy. Folk guitarists have a habit of tuning his guitar one key down – drop D – for the style like Irish folk etc. Thomas is of no exception; that is why he further drags me into the songs with nostalgia. I do not make any effort to figure out the lyrics, and just let the songs be. The slow-motion visual of the shuttle takeoff and birds flying by makes me think of those Discovery Channel video clips on Youtube. As a transition to the headline set, Thomas is a good choice; as a folk lover, I definitely will check his tunes on myspace again.
Erik Piece

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Performances by Thomas Baz (Denmark):