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u72079.jpgLive Review from Underground 72:
OK suddenly we had live drums and I realised how much I had missed them this evening – give me a 1-2-3-4 lol.
Tommy is back at The Underground after a three year gap (nobody really says why – I wonder why?). A lot of the audience had quite clearly turned up to watch Tommy in action and although I’m not really into blues, my feet and legs were moving and I was paying attention. Then after a couple of instrumentals, during the song “42nd Street” Tommy showed that he’s not only versatile on the guitar, he’s got the perfect bluesy voice to carry his tunes. Very enjoyable and I was honored to be here to watch Tommy.
A great night. I look forward to the next show at The Melting Pot.
Ashley B



Live Review from Underground 12:
Tommy Chung & All Blues Band, this power trio went straight into their first song featuring solos and some fast fluid fingerwork. All five songs were pretty continuous and I suspect some of them weren’t originals, although they were forgiven as there was lots of scorching speedy licks similar to “Ten Years After”.
Nick Lovatt



Live Review from Underground 10:
Tommy Chung & All Blues very professional. With a baby-faced drummer who was nearly thrown out of Venue for looking underaged and a young bassist backing Tommy, he played tracks from the soon to be released album. Tommy’s gruff singing & his expertise on his neckless guitar plus songs that sounded wonderfully familiar but were yet original! If you can tell the difference between BB King, John Lee Hooker and Albert Collins, then Tommy Chung & All Blues are the band for you!
Nick Lovatt
I’ve heard of Tommy for years, it was great to see him in action. But, the real story was the fantastic young talent that he’s given a stage to. The drummer, was very talented, and the interplay between him and the bassist was excellent. Watching this drummer was like watching a drum video: perfect technique and excellent chops. Both him and the bassist have a fantastic future in music. The entire set was great.
Justin Bahl

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