Underground 72


Thanks to the lovely people who got lost and still persisted in finding The Melting Pot! Thanks to the bands for adding further creativity to their music. Thanks to Zane and Tina for encouraging the live music scene in Hong Kong. Thanks to our amazing crew Angus, Yan, Calvin & Wain.
love Chris B xx


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With a vocalist called “Doll”, Dorothy opened up the evening and their set with a cover of Faye Wong’s “I’m willing” and set the tone for the whole evening. I thought Doll had a beautiful sweet voice but one of my friends thought it was too syrupy sweet for his tastes.. This band was interesting to listen to and interesting to watch. A Peruvian box with random percussions was cool too. Pleasant and easy-listening. Singing mostly about love and how love (ahem) really is simple. I like this band and look forward to catching them again.
Ashley B.


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Seeming slightly inexperienced (especially compared to the previous band) Pedestrian also confessed on stage to never actually attending an Underground event before (whoops!) The vocalist has a nice voice and the songs are in the mode of Canto/Mando pop. They need to work on their stage act more – reading lyrics sheets for a 6 song performance shows lack of preparation plus one of the guitars seemed out of tune (to my ears). Perhaps they need to attend more Underground shows to learn?
Ashley B

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This is the craziest band name ever – it invites the audience and listener to forget this band which is a shame as they have lots of great points – the whole band is intense and the songs are cleverly crafted. The one song with harmonic vocals was simply amazing. This band knows how to use their instruments to add atmosphere to their performance. It was also great to hear the only keyboards of the night. I like this band but they really should change their name to something more positive and easier to remember.
Ashley B.

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OK suddenly we had live drums and I realised how much I had missed them this evening – give me a 1-2-3-4 lol.
Tommy is back at The Underground after a three year gap (nobody really says why – I wonder why?). A lot of the audience had quite clearly turned up to watch Tommy in action and although I’m not really into blues, my feet and legs were moving and I was paying attention. Then after a couple of instrumentals, during the song “42nd Street” Tommy showed that he’s not only versatile on the guitar, he’s got the perfect bluesy voice to carry his tunes. Very enjoyable and I was honored to be here to watch Tommy.
A great night. I look forward to the next show at The Melting Pot.
Ashley B

photos © Copyright 2008 by ANGUS LEUNG

poster by Yan Yan

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