Live Review from Wild Boar Music Festival 野豬音樂節:

1. 852 echo
2. Honeymoon with you
3. Ten
4. City Waves

Hailing from New Zealand and his first Gig, TripleSix opens the evening session of Wild Boar Music Festival with a confident start, those familiar with the HK Hip Hop scene will recognise the beat “Seasons” from Doughboy’s Solitude Beat Tape, a recent favourite (Kasa also used it in “Bottle of Regrets and What Ifs” also) making the rounds. He throws out a shout out to TXMIYAMA and brings on his good friend Zack Calixtus as he expresses his experiences moving from NZ to HK in his opening song “852 ECHO”. Being the beginning of the evening set, the song served as a good introduction for gig goers just settling into their “personal garden” pods, kicking it back and enjoying the sunset over AIA Vitality Park.

With a brief interlude (and curiously, asking for a mosh pit), Zack takes some of the lead with some singing in “HONEYMOON WITH YOU”, while TripleSix flows some smooth verses in between, but not before Zack has a little rap moment of his own while TripleSix engages funky dance mode. Segwaying into “TEN”, the trio manage to get heads bobbing along and chilling to a groove, before bringing his guest Mabel (Mabel and Zack both featured on the album) to sing some soothing parts on “CITY WAVES” and TripleSix spitting some bars in between.

Ending with a semi-nervous but confident finish, TripleSix’s future shows are looking nowhere but up, proving he’s able to bring the party when he’s on stage.
– Sherman Leung

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Performances by TripleSix: