Live Review from Underground 77:
This long standing alternative band started on the wrong foot with sound problem but more than made it up with a mixture of dark, atmospheric shoegaze psychedelia and upbeat post punk rock that completely mesmerised the audience. The band’s sound was expansive and the music led one wanting to close one’s eyes and contemplate life, universe and infinity. If I had a negative comment then it would be that for such an experienced band, the sound set up could be better done – excessive volume on the amps on stage were creating some rather nasty feedback against the PA system.



Live Review from Underground 22:
This is a hardhitting stoner-droner rocking band. Part Dr. Phubes (late 80s UK) with some early Spaceman 3 and some Quicksilver messenger service (60s US freakbeat) plus bits of Wishbone Ash in the progressive style. They build up their songs from simple progressions and the notes all goes round and round. At moments the surrealness of the band and the swaying audience makes for a wonderful Underground memory. The last track somehow makes me think of a slowed-down Chili Peppers funk sound – sort of at 16rpm! UNiXX are definitely original not just by HK standards but on a worldwide level. I would recommend you look for their CD which they released last year. Overall, this is the best Underground I’ve been to yet…
Nick Lovatt

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Performances by UNiXX: