Urban Butterfly


Live Review from Underground 48:
Choosing The Underground as their debut was a smart choice! Urban Butterfly had some sweet flutterings for the audience as the opening band of Underground 48. Their image is inconsistent with their song writing – the drummer’s Mohican put some hopeful hardcore on some of the audience and then there’s lead vocalist Herbert’s hip hop look. The songs instead were melodic and interestingly crafted. More could have been done with the two gorgeous female vocalists, yet we’re aware this band is more of a caterpillar than the fully blossomed butterfly. Their large support group made for a great Underground audience. I see this band really having the potential to be very original and creative in Hong Kong
Bunny C

“The Underground was first introduced to me as an easy Thursday night with interesting music and cheap beer. Since then it has grown a solid place in my heart as a great organisation working towards the betterment of the Hong Kong music scene. Bands like ours need a chance to get out there and The Underground does just that. Solid work by solid people. Rock On!” – quote from Herbert of Urban Buttefly

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Performances by Urban Butterfly: