Underground 48


HUGE thanks to all the bands who played so amazingly on the night – what a scorcher Underground 48 was!! Again thanks to The Cavern for continuing to host The Underground events. Super duper thanks to the cool audience who show up to listen to original music in HK. Thanks to Cliff, Willem, Amos & Sheli for working on this show.
love Chris B xx


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Urban Butterfly
Choosing The Underground as their debut was a smart choice! Urban Butterfly had some sweet flutterings for the audience as the opening band of Underground 48. Their image is inconsistent with their song writing – the drummer’s Mohican put some hopeful hardcore on some of the audience and then there’s lead vocalist Herbert’s hip hop look. The songs instead were melodic and interestingly crafted. More could have been done with the two gorgeous female vocalists, yet we’re aware this band is more of a caterpillar than the fully blossomed butterfly. Their large support group made for a great Underground audience. I see this band really having the potential to be very original and creative in Hong Kong
Bunny C


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Born To Hula
Gracing the Underground’s stage as a three piece described as “noisy” by the band itself and “quirky” by Chris B, Harry on vocals, with his larger than life persona, June – a very cute drummer who is more than a pretty face and Angus on the double bass, are “Born to Hula”. Together they sounded like they’ve taken every Brit pop songs that they’ve ever liked between the 70s and tomorrow, stirred them into a big melting pot and liberally spiced with their blend of quirks and attitudes. I think “quirky” is not entirely inappropriate word: there was a certain awkwardness about the band that was all part of what made this such a charming outfit – the double bass was simply the icing on the cake that made Hula so pleasantly different from so many others – I’m sure I wasn’t the only person who was surprised that they have only been together for a few months!
Bunny C


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Killersoap conveys the true essence of a band – five guys working together to create tight, catchy tunes that got my feet tapping and put excitement in my groove. The vocalist (Rocky) has one of the best voices I’ve heard yet from a Hong Kong band and has an energy that’s cool but not arrogant, focused but not too controlled. The stage presence was excellent and the occasional jumps in the air worked well with the audience. The music was one paradox after another: youthful and energetic but delivered with a high level of maturity, generic yet unique at the same time. The name may be silly but Killersoap is surely a class rock act.
Bunny C


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The Sinister Left
This band KNOWS how to create a wall of sound and truly deserved the headlining spot at Underground 48. They describe themselves as “dark, hypnotic and experimental” and I think they should underline ‘hypnotic’. Nathan’s vocals are passionate and pleading. Chi the drummer holds the band together beautifully, carving spaces for the rest of the band to fill up with melodic tones and moody bass lines. Dreamy moments meant that the about half the audience were listening with their eyes shut. We all shouted for an encore and luckily they obliged. I’ve been enlightened and will catch this band whenever possible.
Bunny C

Above photos © Copyright 2007 by Willem Van Der Merwe
Poster by Sheli

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