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UCD3_B_Angus_067.jpgMessage from Very Ape about CD3 Release Party B:
Of course it was the cd lauch party. But for long time, we, Very Ape has not played at the Underground. So we were so exciting, and I was a heavy drunker after the show. Hope all musicians, staffs, and audience enjoyed the music and beers. All we appreciate all music people there.
Very Ape




Live Review from Underground 49:
You know when you see that shape of guitar and those haircuts, chances are it’s not going to be quiet. And the Underground wasn’t disappointed. Very Ape stormed into their set, with good, solid, honest guitar-driven rock, fronted by singer Yoshito Urase – think Axl Rose in Ian Brown’s body. After Violent Jokes, Very Ape displayed an almost complete and rather refreshing absence of musical texture, not counting the wah-wah pedal, of course.
A tight five-song set progressed at a clip, combining bluesy rock and metal with impassioned vocals and accomplished guitar. Best of all were guitar solos from Atsushi Teramoto that seemed to merge with rhythm playing, and rhythm playing interwoven with increasingly funky bass from Koya. Credit to the Cavern lights guy, too, for a well-timed burst of strobe lights.
The band was demonstrably having fun and in their element in a venue like the Cavern, yet still the music was a little anonymous. You could imagine hearing these songs anywhere from a roadhouse in the Midwest to working men’s club in Middlesborough.
It took until the closing number Rebirth – Die Off to add something of an authentic and original note, with what was to me by far the strongest in a solid set from Very Ape. Built on tumbling drums and energetic bass, there was a real Asian heavy rock feel to it. Slightly a shame it took four songs to get to this level, but get there we did, finishing with a wall of noise and a standing-up drummer. Very ape.
Paul M


Live Review from Underground 35:
Make no mistake, Very Ape are a very heavy, a very loud, but at the same time a very melodic band. These four Japanese musicians are quite possibly insane, and one of their instrumentals lasted longer than some other bands’ whole songs, but they didn’t lose the crowd for one second. Their rock has an almost jazz-like quality that takes a heavy sound and makes it so much more likable and accessible than a lot of other music out there. Their additively groovy rhythms had everyone on their feet and (almost) dancing – by ‘everyone’ I mean the crowd, bar staff, even the photographer! It’s a good thing that they were on last because it would be hard to find a band in Hong Kong who could have followed Very Ape at U35.


Live Review from Underground 22:
This band’s second appearance at Underground is even better than the previous one (if possible!). One of the tightest bands in town, their style combines 60s influences with blues roots with hints of electronica mixed with wild rock passion. The singer seems unassuming yet grabs your attention as his vocals hit the crowd. Sound samples are mixed into the songs and the energy is highly infectious. As people pile into the Edge, all are amazed to see that the first band for U22 are so outstanding, how can the other 3 bands possibly do better? I secretly have a crush on the singer (well not so secret now) and attend every show that they play in HK. Sadly I cant afford to pay for tickets when they play overseas. My advice – watch Very Ape but don’t bother chatting up the singer as I’ll hit you.
Rosie Chan


Live Review from Underground 9:
To be headliners on such a good bill fell the way of VERY APE, and they did not disappoint. I was frankly staggered by their wall of sound. I would not like to meet their bass player in a dark alley but his aggressive playing is a key part to Very Ape’s stage show. The lead singer took his cap off after a while and contributed hugely to the overall sound. The guitarist was genuinely brilliantly mad, and the drummer a lunatic. Somebody said to me they were very Japanese. Probably because all four band members were Japanese. You could not get a more direct opposite to Fruitpunch and I guess that was the idea. Very Ape have appeared all over Asia and you could see why. Not really my cup of tea, but they were as tight as my chest after 40 cigarettes. They amazed.
William Sickey

“The Underground is really supportive of indie bands!! We love to play at The Underground.” quote from Very Ape.

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