Zhou Kou Dian


Live Review from Underground 16:
Very smooth matching vocal. The lead guitar tells an emotional story of hopes and sadness all by itself. In a way, it was like santana’s lead guitar in the ballroom. Superbly orchestrated, it will take you away if you let it. The fourth song brougth rough yet totally fitting vocals, turning longing into disappointed anger, matched perfectly by the music. Wherever these guys go, from soft melodic to disturbed metal, they are all actors skillfully telling a compelling story through their respective instruments.
Wally Amos
Having heard these guys were finalists in numerous band competitions, I was expecting something special, and these guys weren’t bad. Competent musicians with a solid guitar sound, these guys have a lot of promise. Nice pop elements in their songs, with guitar-driven ruggedness. Quite good, but like every band tonight – where’s the show? These lads were obviously more experienced than the others, so I expected more in showmanship. It never came. As soon as they embrace the audience, they will jump to the next level in entertainment.
Brendan Delfino

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Performances by Zhou Kou Dian: