ambition by KVYLE (EP)

1) ambition
2) abitoflove
3) hiding
4) RanAwayFromHeart

5) n.b.
6) ambition (alt mix)
7) ambition (alt mix) #2

Scuzzy, congested, chaotic yet meticulous, self-proclaimed “noisy” post-punk duo KVYLE’s upcoming EP is perhaps exactly what the scene needs right now.

Title track ambition is a bracing introduction to KVYLE’s synth-infused sludgy Brit rock. The slick production value brought to the table by Zubin Isaac provides an appropriate sense of organised chaos, speak-sung vocals retaining a melody beneath the deliberately over-modulated instrumentation.

abitoflove has to be the little brother of ambition. Textured to the teeth with white noise and reverb, there is an unabashed sense of “fuck it, add more layers.”
Whilst true to their brand as a noise-driven group, the unrelenting distortion quickly loses its novelty. It runs the risk of coming off as self-indulgent, simply playing up to the conventional expectations of edgy punk bands. Nostalgia is the name of the game, and whilst they pull off the noise-punk sound to near perfection, that becomes the exact problem:
It’s almost too perfect.
Imagine a cleaned up, sanded down, pre-masticated version of your dad’s old Joy Division tribute band and you have the sound of KVYLE. If they want to pursue the grungy discordant mayhem of post punk, they shouldn’t be afraid to be a bit ugly.

Dissonant, gothic stoner rock, hiding is a personal favourite. It follows more of a classic song structure formula wise, slower in tempo and featuring what sounds like an actual electric guitar- or it could be a bass played super high and with the gain cranked up to mimic one. With droning white noise no longer overcrowding the soundscape, this track is a stellar example of shoegaze punk, and is perhaps the closest which Elly (bass/lead vocals) comes to actual singing!

Finally, RanAwayFromHeart (or possibly just heart) twists where you think it will turn. The echoed vocal distortions differ from previous effects used, and with a tasty guitar and keyboard riff pinning it down, KVYLE have written a surprisingly hooky tune which sprinkles some much needed dynamism over an already solid EP.

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