Broken Skylines by Reign Lee


Songs on the CD:

  • 1. Summer Faded
  • 2. This Lonely Love
  • 3. Don’t Close Your Eyes
  • 4. Something About You
  • 5. Helena
  • 6. Everything Changes
  • 7. In Your Arms
  • 8. Burn
  • 9. Don’t Walk Away
  • 10. After the Flood

Broken Skylines is a lot like tracking a river along its length to me; it starts off with the deeper, more brooding tunes, loaded heavy with grungy guitarwork, and the more angst-ridden style of singing and generally lyrics that are more aggressive, much like the fast-paced descent of a young river. In its latter half, the songs slow down, take on lighter, even somewhat happier tones, with an altogether more ruminating and meandering style, including a couple of ballads. All this, of course, allows Reign Lee to display the repertoire of emotions she is able to effectively convey through song. All the songs benefit greatly from the sheer quality of her deep, throaty and honest voice, and the uniqueness of the vocal technique she uses. The tunes are very simply constructed, often using some very classic chord progression to add to the ability of the song to move you. The lyrics are written with a perceptive wit, which makes for some intriguing candour in what they say. Finally, the entire posse of musicians that have worked on the album with her have done a tremendous job. With the double bass for the bottom end, to the electric guitar solos that are tastefully arranged through the songs, their contribution to the album is significant, the guitar in particular. When the songs take on their sort of post-grunge, 90s alternative rock sound, the guitars are weighty and combine well with Reign’s voice to pull the listener down. In the lighter songs, the guitars are light, airy and jaunty.

Summer Faded starts right into its main rhythm, and uses a dipping and rising guitar line to hook you. Don’t Close Your Eyes is a fantastic, grungy song that sticks in the head, while Something About You shows a softer and more reserved side of her. The most powerful song is definitely Helena, a powerful song that exactly elucidates the niche within modern soft rock that Reign has carved for herself, and is basically the leitmotif of the album. In Your Arms has a very visual narrative, with a bittersweet tune. Burn is, quite ironically, a very sweet, soothing song. Fittingly, by After the Flood you’ve reached the estuary, and when she invites you to ‘crash and burn’ with her, you’re almost inclined to go along! I only wish that there had been more songs that had her singing without the DTs and layers – her voice is at its most evocative alone, but that just may be my opinion. Overall, the songs win you over, with their sincere vocals and profound lyrics.

— Shashwati Kala

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