Cabernet by Debaaaser (song)

Ushering in the Springtime and fresh from a 7-year hiatus, fans new and old will rejoice in grunge troupe Debaaaser’s latest single, Cabernet. With its breezy melodies and sweeping guitar solos, the Brit pop-inflected funk anthem pays homage to the grooviest of rockstars.
Co-guitarists and vocalists Adrien Lopez and Anthony Mak rejoined forces with Ambroise Couissin (bass) to revive the project. Self-mastered and mixed to perfection, the sheer determination needed to produce such a track in COVID-mired Hong Kong is a feat in itself, but the track is just as technically impressive. Combining the raw rockabilly of The White Stripes and more fiddly groove-oriented Red Hot Chilli Peppers-esque elements, Cabernet is as intoxicating as its heady alcoholic namesake.
By Jasmine GW

You can listen to Cabernet on Youtube or Spotify

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