Compilation CD #1


Something Alternative

Released : September 2008.


Disc 1

1. The Night Before the Snow Storm – Velvette Vendetta

2. This is Our Rotten Love – Velvette Vendetta

3. Goner – Born To Hula

4. Satellites – Born to Hula

5. Caped Carnival – The Sinister Left

6. The Faux King – The Sinister Left

7. Man Love! – F.B.I.

8. Don’t Quit Your Day Job – F.B.I.

9. Broken Carillon – Violent Jokes

10. Glows Like Jellygum – Violent Jokes

11. Let It Roll – Lazy Susans

12. Steel Wall – Lazy Susans

Disc 2

1. Cycle – Tai Tai Alibi

2. Autocrat – Tai Tai Alibi

3. Queen of Diamond Hill – 22Cats

4. Dickless – 22 Cats

5. Improvisation 01 – Sea Monsters

6. Improvisation 02 – Sea Monsters

7. Come to Me – Forgot

8. Anymore – Forgot

9. Number One – ChoChukMo

10. Head to Toe – ChoChukMo

(Click the underlined names to read about the bands’ past performances at the Underground)


Wondering how to get your own copy of Underground CD #1?

Hong Kong:

At Underground shows

From the Wanch, and HMV, and CD Warehouse stores

Room 1901,
19/F, Workingview Commercial Building,
21 Yiu Wa Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


From Mouse Records



Buy online from:





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Here’s a shorter review for the CD, published concurrently with the CD release in TimeOut Magazinetimeoutcdreview1.jpg

hkmagazinecdreview.jpg And another that was in HK Magazine (7th November 2008)

Finally, here’s the review that was in South Chinascmpcdreviewweb.jpg Morning Post (9th November 2008)

CD Launch:

The CD was launched in the form of two launch parties on the 20th and 26th of September 2008, and the featured bands’ performances were split between the two gigs.

Here are some comments about the release parties from the bands:

The garden of Underground is the garden of love.

We feel love.

[22 Cats]

‘Look at me mum! We got put on a CD!’

And this is super cool, for all the bands involved; there’s no denying it. Not only did we get a chance to show off on the shiny disks, we also got to get on stage and show off by getting ourselves all sweaty and making a noise with some of our friends. We also got to get drunk. That’s pretty much all the reasons anybody gets into a band right there.

Harry [Born to Hula]

It has always been a privilege to play for The Underground events, and tobe chosen with promising HK indie bands for a compilation CD gives us sucha tremendous feeling of accomplishmen.

[The Sinister Left]

To know more, visit the pages for Launch Party A and Launch Party B

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