Compilation CD #2

Straight Ahead… Back to Roots


Released : June 2009.


Disc 1

1. She’s The One – The David Bowie Knives

2. Crystal Clear – The David Bowie Knives

3. Dash – Kissing on the Dance Floor

4. Subtle Sexy – Kissing on the Dance Floor

5. No One – The Ember

6. The Last Call – The Ember

7. Sugar – Gong Wu

8. Back of The Line – Gong Wu

9. For My Brothers, Friends n Sisters – Quasar

10. Let it Be – Quasar

Disc 2

1. The Chase – Poubelle International

2. The Battle of Trafalgar Square – Poubelle International

3. Dead Air We Breathe – Homeless Alien

4. Awake – Homeless Alien

5. Rock’n’Roll Machine Part 3 – Thinking Out Loud

6. Gonna Be Famous – Thinking Out Loud

7. I Feel Fine – F.T.T.

8. Ride With me – F.T.T

9. Taxi To Wan Chai – Bone Table

10. Bullet Proof Black Sedan – Bone Table

11. Port Royal – Transnoodle

12. Transnoodle – Transnoodle

(Click the underlined names to read about the bands’ past performances at the Underground)


Wondering how to get your own copy of Underground CD #2?

Hong Kong:

At Underground shows

From the Wanch, and HMV, and CD Warehouse stores

Room 1901,
19/F, Workingview Commercial Building,
21 Yiu Wa Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


From Mouse Records


Buy online from:




Read an in-depth review of the CD at Hong Kong Independent Music Blog here.

And here’s a review that was in TimeOut Magazine in July 2009. cd2 time out_0002.jpg



CD Launch:

The CD was launched in the form of two launch parties on the 6th and 13th of June 2009, and the featured bands’ performances were split between the two gigs.

Here are some comments about the release parties from the bands:

On behalf of the three hairy gwailo contributors of this band of unpronounceable French name, I’d like to thoroughly thank the wonderful people at the underground for facilitating this genre defining recording of ours. We couldn’t have done it without you… While we do apologise for the pyrotechnics display, cut horribly short by over regulated health and safety policies, we assure each and every one of you, that your humble narrator, and his accompanying musical collaborators, give no less than 100% on stage, and it was indeed a pleasure doing so for this philanthropic venture.

Ben McCarthy [Poubelle International]

The Underground has supported us over the past three years, and we’ve always enjoyed our Underground gigs at the Edge, the Cavern and Club CiXi. The Underground has done more to support local Hong Kong bands than anyone else in Hong Kong. We hope you can continue for another 5 years and get more bands to have a go and make a noise.

Adrian Furby [Bone Table]

The underground show was a total blast. It got seriously hot, seriously sweaty and the crowd rocked the house and put up a great fight amidst the onslaught of noise!

Li Xu [Gong Wu]

To know more, visit the pages for Launch Party A and Launch Party B

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