Compilation CD #4

Come On…Blaze Ahead!!

Released : May 2011


Disc 1

1. 我要加人工 (Pay Rise) – Senseless

2. 六合彩 (Mark Six) – Senseless

3. Snapshot – Purple Eye

4. That’s My Way to Love You – Purple Eye

5. (Use It) For What it’s For – Helter Skelter

6. Rocketship – Helter Skelter

7. Push Me – Sushi Robot

8. Living in the Face of Danger – Sushi Robot

9. Salamander – Fad

10. I’m So Tired – Fad

Disc 2

1. My Personal Demon – Dark Himaya

2. Papercut in Your Eyes – Dark Himaya

3. Buckshot – Six Pack of Wolves

4. Punk Rock Story – Six Pack of Wolves

5. Hanging Around the Clouds – Brothers of Roadkill

6. Questions and Doubt – Brothers of Roadkill

7. Ropes – 9 Maps

8. Harder Time – 9 Maps

9. 852 – Shotgun Politics

10. Pill – Shotgun Politics

11. Your Eyes – Corey Tam

12. Honey – Corey Tam

(Click the underlined names to read about the bands’ past performances at the Underground)


Wondering how to get your own copy of Underground CD #4?

Hong Kong:

– At Underground shows

– From the Wanch, and HMV, and CD Warehouse stores

Room 1901,
19/F, Workingview Commercial Building,
21 Yiu Wa Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


Buy online from:








We don’t have a “review”, per se, of CD#4 yet, but we do have a special feature right here on the Underground website, by Isobel S. Saunders!! Here’s an excerpt:

The fourth CD in the series of Underground Hong Kong CD compilations features 11 bands of diverse music genres and creative sensibilities. The CD reflects Hong Kong itself, a locale that is culturally-diverse and constantly changing. This is the music born out of different experiences of Chinese cultures and international cultures, artists all making music their own way in a city that has many faces and perspectives. It is an intriguing collection of indie recordings that, not only brings eclectic viewpoints to the fore, but also a spectrum of quality musicianship offering alternative rock, breakbeat electronica, subterranean pop, acoustic folk-rock, jazz funk, blues rock and post-punk rock fusions. It is a special document, as all the other CD collections in the series have been, and one that captures a small piece of the Underground live music vibrancy that bands and music fans have long celebrated at every gig. This is alternative Hong Kong at its best – unadulterated, free and authentic. …

Read the rest of the feature, which includes the bands talking about their songs, right here!!

CD Launch:

The CD was launched in the form of two launch parties on the 6th and 7th of May 2011, and the featured bands’ performances were split between the two gigs.

Here are some comments about the release parties from the bands:

Having the opportunity to be in The Underground CD is one of the coolest things an indie band in Hong Kong can end up doing and every Underground event is always special in its own way. Underground HK is a great motivator for us artists and we are thankful that there is such an event here in Hong Kong. Thank you Chris B and to your crew who always put up a good show!

– Ivy & Ales (Dark Himaya)

Playing at the launch party was a great experience, not only for the bands invited but also for the audience who were quite vocal in their support for the music but also for the sponsors and organizers. The venue was a great choice and every band had something different to offer. We’re very happy to share the album with so much unique and home-grown talent.

– 9 Maps

– Exciting launch of Underground CD – check!

– A chance to play the first indie gig at the new Hard Rock Cafe – check!

– Enthusiastic crowd that loves indie bands/music – check!

– Great bands to share the stage with – check!

– Our song blasting out of the Hard Rock speakers – check!

– Beer – check!

– Girls – check!

You can’t ask for much more…

– Helter Skelter

It was a great night – the only problem we had was getting off stage to let the House band play!

– Six Pack of Wolves

To know more, visit the pages for Launch Party A and Launch Party B

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