Deborah, Anne & Violet by Hard Candy


Eccentric, quirky and unpredictable, Hard Candy are a full-girl experimental punk trio that brings a very unique noise to the local music scene. Apart from fusing “riot grrrl” with post-rock and punk-punk elements, they explore every possibility of sound by arranging songs without any restrictions, bearing a close resemblance to Yeah Yeah Yeahs meeting Sonic Youth and Mogwai. The vocal style of guitarist/lead singer Yanyan Pang is remarkably peculiar in a captivating sense. Her deliberate off-tune intonation exudes a sense of innocence and gives an erratic quality to Alexandra’s groovy bass lines and Renee’s creative drumming.

Bad Bad Bad would most probably be the piece that represents themselves. The song bursts into energetic punk straight away as Pang utters nonchalantly and a whistle blows. It is the strident girl punk attitude that makes it punchy and rambunctious, defining their signature style. Instrumental track Elliot, The Moment You Stab On Your Chest is different though. It is moody and meandering, and is a reminiscent of The Cure plus Explosions In The Sky.

Yes. It takes time to digest experimental music; but once you get into it, it will be a different story. Give Hard Candy a taste!

Reviewed by Nicholas
September 2007

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