Dépendance by Van De Kamp


This is one of those bands I know would be so much fun to see live. Their album makes my head bop on the bus even after a 12 hour day. Infectious guitar hooks and catchy melodies make me wanna jump around and sing Van De Kamp Anthems, despite the fact I have no idea what they are singing about.

This excellent, straight out rock band have created great energy on their debut album.
Together since 2008, Van De Kamp hail from Quebec and sing all their songs in French. The band draws on a wealth of skills, from the four members, with over 15 years experience playing in various successful bands throughout Quebec City. Their debut album, Dépendance was produced by Stephane Dussault from The Respectables and it has been released on the label Abuzive Muzik.

It contains 11 tracks of jump around alternative rock. Each track has been packed with stuff to create a super full and busy album. Still, the busyness and background filling in the album doesn’t negate the fact that these guys are an out and out rock band. The songs are pretty much as you would expect from a good album of the genre, catchy and accomplished guitar riffs, solid driving rhythm without too many twists and turns, just great melodies to move to.

The vocals are impressive, and you can tell a fair bit of time has been spent on arranging solid backing vocals and producing some very interesting effects. There is nice character in the singing and a good bit of angst in the delivery. I don’t speak French, so I have no idea what they are singing about, but what ever it is, it’s catchy and emotive. The album’s fullness is in no small part due to some good padding with synths, keyboards and other digital goodies. That background ambience makes many of the songs big and anthem like. One of the tracks I love is ‘Sublime’ not just for the nice hooks with the piano, but the attitude, anguish and the energy in the chorus. It makes me wanna kick shit up.

The production is super tight. You know they have spent a lot of time working on how to make the songs full and driving on the record, and I think they have done a great job.

I reckon, when these guys play near your place, go. I’m pretty sure you will leave a few kilos lighter than when you arrive.


– Chris Bolland

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