Flower Town (song) by XTIE

Beachy and sun-kissed techno beats lay the foundations of XTIE’s summertime bop, Flower Town.

Sounding like something from the Love Island soundtrack and written during a backpacking tour of the Netherlands, XTIE hopes to provide an escape from our everyday troubles, offering salvation in a land of endless sunshine and carefree relaxation. Her breathy, pure voice is the perfect complement to the keyboard beats, offering silver-bell clarity as well as ambience to an already ethereal track.

You can almost hear the ebb and flow of waves against sandy coastlines, distorted synths providing soft padding as XTIE weaves her world of blossoming flowers and eternal summer.

Take a vacation without leaving the house- stream Flower Town now on Spotify or Youtube!

Jasmine Gould-Wilson

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