For Ben by Kestrels & Kites

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1) 45
2) Autumn Day
3) Date Fright
4) Friday Feeling
5) Invisible Web
6) Off The Page

I certainly did get that ‘Friday Feeling’ when I was listening to Kestrels and Kites – and also a trace of Blink-182! I was also expecting a male pop-punk vocal like Mark Hoppus’s. Regardless, the playful female vocals really surprised me, and I grew to like it (a lot!) against the clean-cut treble heavy
instruments. I admired K&K’s catchy, fun lyrics that personified the perspective of a common teenage girl, but convey more complicated themes than you may think. Perky as ever, the music does have a child-like ‘immature’ feel, while the riffs are easy on the ears with fast drum fills and a lot of cymbal work.

My most recommended song from the album would be ‘45′. The prominence of the bass and clean guitars and the extreme variation in texture throughout the entire song really stopped me from doing anything else except listen. 1.18 – 1.32 is to die for. The fullness of the sound yet just because of the use of such a simplistic melody with three instruments reflects how much the vocals are sang with so much expression.

A charming band with unexpected twist and turns in their music, which constantly makes us open our eyes and perk our ears up over again after each track!

– Chloe Cheng

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