A Gap Year – single by Four Quarters

A Gap Year Official Cover_web.jpg

Just another throwaway, grungy, indie punk-pop teenage song? Definitely. But wait. Play it again. There’s something else here… what though? I’m not sure, some angsty teenage sincerity that I can’t really understand (because I’m old), that suggests these guys think about what they do and actually HAVE AN OPINION ABOUT STUFF.

There’s a raw 90’s feel and basic recording and production values which enhance the youthful protest vibe. And yes it’s a bit of a grower, no doubt. The more I listen to it, the more stuff I like about it. I love the whispering, I love the casual dropping of the F bomb, I love the humour – “smoking cigarettes will make you skinny don’t you know”, I even like the spacey effects and the New Order-esque mid-8 (Google them kids, it’s worth it).

The acoustic version is also good, but just lacks a bit of the original’s firepower. Overall though this is definitely a notch above your average throwaway pop (not that there’s anything wrong with throwaway pop), and I want to hear more. Bring it on.

-Dan Creffield

This single can be found here.

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