Good Morning Everyone – Good Morning Everyone (Bandung – Indonesia)


Track Listing:
1. Intro to the Show
2. Welcome to the Show
3. My Day
4. Just Another Love Song
5. Second Chance
6. Move On
7. Get Wet
8. Executive Decision
9. Gee (Girls Generation Cover)
10. Executive Decision (Acoustic Version)
11. Second Chance (Acoustic Version)
12. Move On (Acoustic Version)
13. S.S.W.I.L.A
14. Gee (Girls Generation Acoustic Cover)
15. My Day ft. Sarita Fraya (Acoustic Version)

Good Morning Everyone is a band from Indonesia with a clear pop punk sound with some metal influences (plenty of cymbal work you’ll hear) in their music. Judging from a thorough listen, there’s an obvious market for their tracks – anyone with an interest in bands like the old Fall Out Boy or All Time Low are definitely going to get their head into this album. Good Morning Everyone has a youthful spirit and a high energy that instantly gives them a infamous likability about them.

Glossy and radio-ready, they exhibited not only harder rock tracks, but also softer and more mellow pieces that are extremely pleasing to the ears. Starting with the progressive ‘Welcome to the Show’ (Track 1), listeners are in for a flashback to the past to tunes from Jimmy Eat World and especially Yellowcard! In another example, ‘Move On’ (Track 6) works with some 90s alt rock guitar against a positive and mid-tempo instrumentation/vocals. ‘My Day’ (Track 3) takes control of the genre’s trademark – chugging of guitars and harmonizing guitars. This track really is synonymous with the revival of 2000 pop punk bands, rightly focusing on the band’s strong suit thus far into the album – it’s upbeat, catchy tunes indebted to Blink-182. In a similar fashion, ‘Just Another Love Song’ (Track 4) has a powerful, hooky guitar melody and a great metalcore trend running through the track – very heavy bass lines and guitar feedback from time to time. Lastly, ‘Executive Decision’ (Track 8) leads us into a more post-hardcore impression – reminding me of the band Silverstein thanks to smart guitar riffs, frantic drumming and an infectious amount of energy.

Good Morning Everyone gives a fantastic overall satisfaction. Even offering acoustic versions of some of their originals, yet also a band cover of K-Pop star Girls Generation’s ‘Gee’ that really justifies their talent and originality. Killer vocal technique and hardcore talent with the ability to tone down or go heavy depending on the piece, I think this band deserves some solid recognition.

Recommended tracks:
Welcome to the Show
My Day
Just Another Love Song
Executive Decision

– Chloe Cheng

You can find out more about Good Morning Everyone from their website

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