I Want it All – single by Deer (Mexico 墨西哥)

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Deer’s latest single ‘I Want It All’ begins with a low tremolo synth fading in, panning from side to side, whilst a distant electronic dubstep drum pattern resonates in. It all explodes with a punchy kick, slapping snare, and intricate high-end programming prominent in Bjork’s ‘Homogenic’ era. 

Deer set the dark atmosphere instantly with siren synth stabs, and a hypnotic bass ostinato creating a sound similar to Doldrums mixed with elements of a Matrix Soundtrack. Meanwhile, Adriana Martinez delivers a dry powerful vocal, repeating the refrain “I want it all….” with all the theatricality of Shirley Bassey, along with a sparse delay trail, echoing out after each line. The electronic kits are distorted throughout, and dubby synths are peppered around the verses, which may remind some listeners of The Prodigy.

Martinez adds scuzzy metal guitar chords to take the chorus in a more industrial/metal direction. With an ascending bass synth line imitating the guitar in this section, ‘I Want It All’ feels as if it would be right at home on Chelsea Wolfe’s classic album ‘Pain Is Beauty’. The vocal delivery stylistically continues with the heavy-hitting power ballad singers, but some inflections show hints of Josh Homme, adding a little more interest.

There are subtle effects added to the mix that compliment this track too. A warped chorus on the vocal in the pre-chorus adds to the bleak atmosphere, whilst arpeggiated poly-synth swells and electronic bleeps in the final chorus lead to an arresting and claustrophobic angst, helped a long by breathy backing vocals.

The track itself is highly enjoyable. The structure flows nicely, the production is bold and well mixed, and the repetitive cyclical nature of the music/lyrics make it infectious too. The lack of reverb on the vocals is perhaps the only misgiving, preventing Deer from entering Crystal Castles’ realm of ethereal gloom.​
– Chris Gillett

This single can be heard at bandcamp or soundcloud.​

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