Independence Day (song) by Two Finger Salute

Two Finger Salute are nothing if not productive! “Independence Day” is their 7th new track in the past four months and finds them as fired up by injustice as they ever have been. With bass player Simon now also on vocal duties, the new material has naturally found a distinct feel of its own whilst retaining the raw punk flavour that made their earlier material so memorable.

As much as I like the rest of their latest output “Independence Day” is quite probably the best of them. It shows the sound can sustain a four minute song if, as they do here, the lyrics give you plenty to chew on and the music has the ambition to match. I’m confident that it will quickly become a staple of their live shows and regret that living 6000 miles away means my chances of seeing one are very slim!

Given the nature of existence as I write it’s hard to tell what the future holds for so many of us but personally I would very much like to see Two Finger Salute deliver an album full of tracks of the same quality as “Independence Day“. The classics of the genre manage to evoke a time and place and make you think about the world and those around you. It is perhaps hyperbole to put this in the same league as them but it’s a timely release from a band that I think has much more to give. I’ve given it my time and money and I recommend that you give it yours!

Independence Day can be purchased from bandcamp.
David Harris

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