Linger Inside (song) by Jo.Fantasista

Local Hong Kong outfit Jo.Fantasista’s latest single Linger Inside delivers a dose of poppy indie rock, served straight up with a twist of funk.

Swing rock lays the foundations for the track, backed by a groovy bassline for a stripped-back and mellow vibe. The guitars and drums shine when the chorus kicks in, turning up the volume for some solid, mainline rock sensibilities (think “Wherever You Will Go” by The Calling). The band are able to seamlessly vacillate between bluesy elements and the rock n roll side of the scope, polished off with a sweet guitar solo to round out the already complex layers and textures within the song. A catchy vocal hooks and evenly mixed instruments all build upon its sophisticated sound, making for a summertime bop which is palatable to fans of all genres!

Listen to Linger Inside on spotify.
Jasmine Gould-wilson

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