Once by Hazden

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1. Dracula
2. I See it
3. Alina
4. Specious
5. Why
6. Finale

Hazden have just recently had their EP release show at the Fringe Club on the 19th of July. Active since 2007, their new EP ‘Once’ features six tracks that are laced with the band’s cumulative evolution and signature sound since the beginning. Firstly I definitely have to disagree with their label as an ‘alternative indie rock’ band. With a sound that mature and featuring elements suggestive of Avenged Sevenfold’s ‘Waking The Fallen’ – explicitly the duel teamwork of the guitars and the drum work, I’d say their tracks are more or less a mélange of late Evanescence and subdued, diluted Metalcore.
I think what this band really needs to take a lot more credit for is how well the radio-effect and soaring vocals (depending on the track) embrace the instrumental thickness. Faye’s ability to slightly tailor her voice to each track suits the album’s ‘love, lost and death’ theme, luscious with melancholy lyrics and passionate, sophisticated angst – noting ‘Why’ (Track 5). ‘Why’ starts off clean, with eerie vocals and ends off with smashing guitar bends and torrential bass lines. Interestingly, the forlorn hope texturing isn’t particular during ‘Dracula’ (Track 1), ‘Finale’ (Track 6) and ‘Specious’ (Track 4). While ‘Finale’ belts lyrics that sound victorious (‘Somewhere inside me // I will be fine’), ‘Specious’ features a male/female call-and-response-like accentuation by William and Faye with a classic rock feel to it. And of course, we can’t forget radio topper ‘Alina’ in its J-Rock fashion, or ‘I See It’ ‘s noisy superiority.
Enjoy how Hazden’s tracks have something striking while you’re head first into the album
– Recommended tracks? All of them.

Chloe Cheng

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